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Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 11:45:51 EDT

"Gregory P. Riddick" wrote:

> On Sat, 06 May 2000 00:36:39 -0400 Tom Walsh
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> > David,
> >
> > Hey! This thing is really a cool unit!!! I discovered that the thing even has
> > a backlight on it, I went to shut it off and held the power button in for several
> > seconds (expecting it to power off) then the backlight came on.
> >
> > I started entering in all the phone numbers etc from the "little black book" my
> > niece gave me for Christmas, in 1992, and that Grafitti is pretty easy to remember /
> > use. Also, it looks like it has the ability to login to get your email by attaching
> > an external modem to the cradle RS232 and setting up the PPP scripts. The only
> > thing that it looks like it is missing is a Mapping function (, I
> > think it would be cool to have the ablitity to download a street map + text
> > directions to someplace I am going to before I leave.
> >
> Hi Tom,
> This is kind of off topic, but for mapping check out
> and the Mapquest channel. Avantgo lets you
> download all kinds of web content during the hotsync.
> Currently, I have the New York Times, Wired News, PDA Buzz,
> HandheldMed,Salon,The Economist, and the Weather Channel.
> Avantgo is truly a killer app for the Palm.

    I saw that on the RYEHAM archives and wasn't sure what it was. Right now I am trying
to get a hotsync setup running on the Linux machine, I think that is Xcopilot?

> I'm also a Palm developer(third party, anyway). Wish I
> could give you some insight on the hardware stuff, but I
> don't mess around much with the low-level OS stuff. What do
> you think having Linux running on the Palm would give you
> that the PalmOS itself doesn't.(Besides the thrill of
> hacking it yourself)? BTW, Palm makes most the OS open
> source if you sign some sort of agreement.

    Naw, I'm just hacking around with the thing. I have been doing embedded systems for
so long that when I see something like this I just want to tinker with it. As for the
Palm OS itself, I am still exploring (and enjoying) using my Palm, this is a nice little



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