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Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 08:19:00 EDT

A TI C5402 is around $10. If more ram is needed, a 5409 is $16 or so. Stream SPI
data from
the EZ328 to the 5402 McBSP0 , put a DAC/amp or codec chip on McBSP1. Throw on a
LCD and some buttons... Viola

Using the 54x is nice because

1) its programmable
2) internal adjustable PLL allows you to tune it to how many mips you need, lowering
the current

TI also sells a development kit for the 5402 that goes on a parallel port for $195.

Keith Christopher wrote:

> > I will however agree that some people use too much muscle where something
> > smaller would be just fine. Example: the empeg car MP3 player. It uses a
> > Pentium-class CPU, when Micronas MP3 decoder chips cost $20-$25 _in
> > quantities of one_! Meanwhile, someone else has built a PIC-based MP3 player
> > that wraps around a hard drive. I'm not sure it has a display. It is
> > controlled through six buttons (fwd, back, prev, next, stop, play). I forget
> > what it's called though.
> I've looked everywhere and can't find the Micronas mp3 decoders in any quantities
> (USA)
> anyone know ? Digikey (my usual source has none.)
> Keith
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