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From: Gregory P. Riddick (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 03:23:05 EDT

On Sat, 06 May 2000 00:36:39 -0400 Tom Walsh
<> wrote:
> David,
> Hey! This thing is really a cool unit!!! I discovered that the thing even has
> a backlight on it, I went to shut it off and held the power button in for several
> seconds (expecting it to power off) then the backlight came on.
> I started entering in all the phone numbers etc from the "little black book" my
> niece gave me for Christmas, in 1992, and that Grafitti is pretty easy to remember /
> use. Also, it looks like it has the ability to login to get your email by attaching
> an external modem to the cradle RS232 and setting up the PPP scripts. The only
> thing that it looks like it is missing is a Mapping function (, I
> think it would be cool to have the ablitity to download a street map + text
> directions to someplace I am going to before I leave.

Hi Tom,

This is kind of off topic, but for mapping check out and the Mapquest channel. Avantgo lets you
download all kinds of web content during the hotsync.
Currently, I have the New York Times, Wired News, PDA Buzz,
HandheldMed,Salon,The Economist, and the Weather Channel.
Avantgo is truly a killer app for the Palm.

I'm also a Palm developer(third party, anyway). Wish I
could give you some insight on the hardware stuff, but I
don't mess around much with the low-level OS stuff. What do
you think having Linux running on the Palm would give you
that the PalmOS itself doesn't.(Besides the thrill of
hacking it yourself)? BTW, Palm makes most the OS open
source if you sign some sort of agreement.

Greg R.

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