Re: [uCsimm] Hacking the Palm IIIe?

From: Tom Walsh (
Date: Sat May 06 2000 - 00:36:39 EDT


    Hey! This thing is really a cool unit!!! I discovered that the thing even has
a backlight on it, I went to shut it off and held the power button in for several
seconds (expecting it to power off) then the backlight came on.

    I started entering in all the phone numbers etc from the "little black book" my
niece gave me for Christmas, in 1992, and that Grafitti is pretty easy to remember /
use. Also, it looks like it has the ability to login to get your email by attaching
an external modem to the cradle RS232 and setting up the PPP scripts. The only
thing that it looks like it is missing is a Mapping function (, I
think it would be cool to have the ablitity to download a street map + text
directions to someplace I am going to before I leave.

    The best thing about the "new toy" is that after I 'buzzed it out' with a 9v
Fluke ohm-meter and put it back together, it still ran! So, I did not have to paint
the screws to disquise the driver marks and send it in for warrenty repair (Ah! But
I would NEVER do such a thing, would I?). Now I understand why this unit is such a
hot seller! As a self-employed person, this thing is going to be great to have

    Now I understand what the others on the list have been so hot about. If this
thing were to become an "open source" / "open hardware" Linux PDA, we could have a
real killer time dreaming up new ways to extend our PDAs. Now I am glad that I
soldered the BDM wire to the MPU board, after I get a chance to check this thing out
more I am going to try to offload the Palm O/S (back it up) and see if I can upload
a program into it. The touch screen is the problem, I cannot find any data on the
touch controller labeled 'BRADS 7843E" any place, I am hoping that it is a dedicated
A/D type chip and by playing with the SPI I can get some meaningful data out of it.



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> David Smead
> On Fri, 5 May 2000, Tom Walsh wrote:
> > I purchased a Palm IIIxe tonight and took it apart. It is the
> > DragonBall 68EZ328PU16 controller, AMD 29LV160D8-70 Flash, Samsung
> > K4E641612C-TL50 DRAM. The MPU RS232 XMIT & RCV are wired into the IR
> > port, the TXD line goes directly to the TD diode of the IR device,
> > trying to figure out if the RCV line has any type of any enble on it, I
> > wouldn't think so if they want to make this thing upgradable?....
> >
> > Reset line is accessed via a paperclip hole in the back of the unit,
> > BDM is attached to a 10K pullup resistor and there is a feed through VIA
> > there, but I cannot figure out where else the BDM line is going to...
> >
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