Re: [uCsimm] Boa and cgi?

From: Larry Doolittle (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 19:38:44 EDT

Gregory -

> I'm new to linux programming. Someone on this list had
> talked about using the Boa web server with cgi to monitor
> the serial port and post data with the "get request" from a
> browser. I need to do streaming data from a serial port
> and send out the data at about 20kb/sec(the clients are
> java programs running in web browsers) .

I'm not sure I understand this requirement right. If you
actually need to fan out a data stream, and arbitrarily
let clients turn on and off, you might have some work
ahead of you. Does the stream consist of blocks, and
you want to start at block boundaries?

> I also need to
> ability to handle multiple clients simultaneously. Could I
> do this using Boa and cgi?

You should have no problem.

Boa-0.92 is what people normally use on uCLinux, it's smaller
than Boa-0.94. Someone even hacked the config file parser
out of Boa-0.92, to trim the size even more. I don't know where
to find that. You will find comments on the list archive about
building stock boa-0.92 with somewhat larger than default stack
size, then it apparently runs fine.

I recommend using the "nph-style" interface, where you have
a little more control over the flow. In boa-0.92, it doesn't
actually matter much, since true header parsing is not implemented.

> Or do I need to write something
> custom, maybe a hack based on the Boa code?

CGI will probably work fine for you. Boa-0.92 is also easy to
hack, if it comes to that.

     - Larry
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