Re: [uCsimm] MP3's

Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 14:49:08 EDT

"...Carlos Betancourt wrote: Michael J. Graffam wrote:
Going with a decoder chip would have been death in the long-term. When
MPEG audio layer 4 takes over, hardwired decoder chip solutions will
be obsolete.

Keith Christopher wrote:
True, however. If I design the software to encode mp3's from CD's you own
(not pirating), then I think having an mp3 DSP is not
a concern.  And if it was low cost enough, buyback the old units when
someone upgrades. I have a video card with a glint chip on it,
when a better faster way comes out (and one always will) then I can't
simply pop in a new chip and I'm fine. I have to upgrade the whole
card.  I have the software to encode mp3's so it doesn't matter if MP100000
is out as long as I can create/play mp3s from my cd media."

"Digital Watermarks" are seriously being considered as the long-term
"solution" for all digital audio formats. No matter how many times you wish
to encode, regardless of the source, the watermark is passed along. Certain
watermark companies technology actually are in the "pirates" favor, because
they are non-exclusive. Meaning: As many as 3 watermarks can "attach" to a
single mp3, thereby negating ownership. No loss of quality/performance,
either. This is a part of what is keeping the decoder issue alive (for the
time being). CYA

John Cwiklinski

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