Re: [uCsimm] MP3's

From: Keith Christopher (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 12:13:01 EDT

Stu wrote:

> I disagree. I think it's a great platform. Think of how much easier it is to
> develop for it - it runs Linux. Not everyone wants to write a GUI-enabled
> playlist editor in assembly on a processor with two general-purpose
> registers. :P
> Seriously though, think of the Kiwi. The dude who's making it has already
> designed a GUI ("Guwi") for it. I'm not saying you can't do anything like
> that with a PIC. I'm just saying it's probably easier with something that
> runs Linux, has a full-fledged C/C++/ASM compiler toolchain, LCD driver
> functions, etc.
> I will however agree that some people use too much muscle where something
> smaller would be just fine. Example: the empeg car MP3 player. It uses a
> Pentium-class CPU, when Micronas MP3 decoder chips cost $20-$25 _in
> quantities of one_! Meanwhile, someone else has built a PIC-based MP3 player
> that wraps around a hard drive. I'm not sure it has a display. It is
> controlled through six buttons (fwd, back, prev, next, stop, play). I forget
> what it's called though.

I agree RE the Micronas decoder issue, I think the empeg was designed when this was
not available. I would think for somthing like the linux driven ELMP (home stereo
mp3 player) which
a combination of x86 machine PIC and others for it's operation could be scaled down
to only a sim size. sweet.

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