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From: Greg Ungerer (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 20:58:29 EDT

Hi Steve,

Steve Linn wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a USB chipset that can be connected to the
> ucSimm or know where I might find some information about using
> USB with this processor? I have a project where I need to get a
> USB printer connected to it. It has to be USB or else I would
> use the serial port or use the ether-net port.

The choices are a bit limited for a true host controller. We are
using a Lucent USS302 (UHCI) part on a uClinux/ColdFire design.
This is a PCI part, and we are using an Anchor/Cypress CO-MEM Lite
PCI bridge to provide the PCI interface.

I have the PCI bridge working under uClinux, providing the standard
PCI bios functionality. We are working on back porting the USB stack
from Linux 2.3.51 to 2.0.38 of uClinux now.

Have a look at the board at:


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