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From: David Smead (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 17:11:27 EDT


Put me down for two of the displays. BTW, I couldn't find a part number
for the touch screen.


David Smead

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Tom Walsh wrote:

> Iain Galloway wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> > First of all, I want to say up front that I am an FAE with
> > Future/FAI.
> > My job is to help companies source components.
> > I've been following this list for a while now, and thought you might
> > appreciate my input. This is not my job to promote on the internet.
> > I'm just interested in this list, and wanted to help out.
> > Please let me know if you think it is inappropriate on this list, and
> > I'll stop.
> > ------------------
> > 1) FAI is set up to handle small quantities of parts like these.
> > Call 1-800-388-8731 to find your local FAI or Future branch.
> > or go to Worldwide Branch Locations - FAI
> You may still be able to get "broken lot" quantities in Canada, but I
> just spoke to the FAI office in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, USA
> (800)228-4832, and they told me that the LM32019T Sharp LCD is only
> available in 20 peice lots. The reason they gave is that since they
> have switched to the new ISO-9002/9003 wharehousing system, the
> wharehouse is fully automated and they will no longer break a container
> to supply individual peices. This is not the way it was a year ago, but
> it had been explained to me that "unoffically" they still sold broken
> lots, where the "offical" policy was not to break lots up. Apparently
> the wharehouse has changed this.
> If anyone else is interested in purchasing a Sharp LM32019T display
> (320x240) at $80.40 (FAI quote of per unit based upon on a 20 piece lot)
> + shipping, I have to order 6 of these displays, I would rather purchase
> new displays from FAI (but may goto '' to get
> them instead), I am tracking down the BERG connector for these displays:
> BERG P/N SLD12R-1 or SLD12R-2. Both of these parts to connect to the
> FFC 1.25mm 12 pin cable of the Sharp display are a bugger to locate!!!
> Regards,
> TomW
> Regards,
> TomW
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