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From: Iain Galloway (
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 09:26:09 EDT

You're right that the Cypress/Anchor chips USB parts are fantasic.
They are the first thing I suggest to any OEM that isn't building a keyboard or

The only issue is that they (like most other USB 'chips') are mean't for building USB
peripherals. USB connected camera, datalogger, coffecup warmer :-) etc...

Steve Linn wanted to connect a USB printer to his uCsimm. This means he needs to form
a USB master device. An easier solution would be to use a IrDA printer like Seiko


Iain Galloway,P.Eng. Applications Engineer
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Andrew Goodney wrote:

> I interfaced a Motorola DSP to an Anchor Chips (now Cypress) USB solution.
> It was fairly easy and the development system is great. The USB controllers
> have multiple I/O interfaces depending on the package size including: 8 bit
> memory bus, I2C, RS232 serial. This however is a device end controller, it
> looks like you might need a host controller.
> Also as regulars on the list may know I am graduating from USC in 2 weeks,
> would it be inappropriate to solicit for employment on this list. I'm still
> looking for a job.
> -good luck on your hacking
> -Andrew Goodney
> USC EE 2000
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> Can anyone recommend a USB chipset that can be connected to the
> ucSimm or know where I might find some information about using
> USB with this processor? I have a project where I need to get a
> USB printer connected to it. It has to be USB or else I would
> use the serial port or use the ether-net port.
> Thanks,
> Steve Linn
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