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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 15:46:37 EDT

Justin Davies wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm really new to ucSimm/ucLinux, so be gentle.
> I haven't ordered mine yet, but I was wondering, is
> there a list of LCD displays that are compatible with
> the LCD driver on the board ?

Just about any monochrome 1/4 VGA screen will work with the DragonBall. You can use
a display capable of up to 16 levels of gray also. Full vga is really only
possilble to do with a monochrome screen + interface logics, it is really pushing
the LCD controller to the extreme as it cannot quite meet the Frame Refesh rate
dictated by the manufacturer of the display (manu: 13.5 ms, you get: 19 ms), so the
full vga screen tends to flicker.

> And really, how difficult is it to get the LCD working
> with it ?

Depending on your display, you just hook the appropriate wires up between the
controller and the lcd screen.

> Do we get output from the system straight
> onto the LCD, or do we have to program that up
> ourselves ?

No, you have to get the manufacturers spec sheet on the LCD, refer to the values in
the sheet for various clock timings etc., then program up the controller to emit
those timings on the LCD control signals.

> Also, is there a website that has a list of peoples
> projects so we can get some ideas for our own ?

There was some talk of a site being started as a clearing house for info, but
nothing has yet materialized.


> Thanks,
> Justin
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