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From: Michael Durrant (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 21:25:30 EDT

"Jerry Waugh" <> wrote:

> Where are the mail list archives.

> Before I ask too many stupid questions, I would like to search the
> Since I can't find them, here goes!

The TXT archive has not moved ... sorry if it is not clear on the web page
I will have someone look at that one.

> I have anew uCsimm (waited 6 months for the bugger). I followed the
> instructions in the manual to build the flashing LED test program. I have
> compiled test.c, But I am now lost, I can't seem to follow the
> on page 41 of the manual concerning " We can now change into the NFS
> directory where we compiled the code and test it..."

Yes .. once you have NFS mounted your host development machine
you can change into the NFS mounted directory and execute the

> On page 41, the example looks like a telnet session to the uCsimm???

Yes .. Telnet into the module and execute the code you created on your
host development machine.

> Please tell me what to do now or point me to the archives,
> Thanks!

You are most welcome. Not everyone is comfortanble with the concept
of using a cross compiler and executing code on the uCsimm that is
actually in a directory mounted from a remote machine. Mind you when we
demonstrate this development method at trade shows people just get
even more excited! It sure beats reflashing the FLASH ROM.

Michael Durrant
Rt-Control Inc.

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