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From: Chris Peterson (
Date: Sun Apr 30 2000 - 17:56:31 EDT

Jerry Waugh wrote:
> Where are the mail list archives.
> Before I ask too many stupid questions, I would like to search the archives.
> Since I can't find them, here goes!
> I have anew uCsimm (waited 6 months for the bugger). I followed the
> instructions in the manual to build the flashing LED test program. I have
> compiled test.c, But I am now lost, I can't seem to follow the instructions
> on page 41 of the manual concerning " We can now change into the NFS mounted
> directory where we compiled the code and test it..."
> On page 41, the example looks like a telnet session to the uCsimm???
> Please tell me what to do now or point me to the archives,
> Thanks!

Can't help with the location of any possible archives. The manual is
very terse at best, and a good deal of experimentation is required to
figure out how things work.

The picture on page 41 is showing a terminal session (minicom) running
on the host and connected via serial port to the uCsimm. It is assumed
that both the host and the uCsimm are on a working network. Make sure
the NFS daemons are running on the host, and mount your development
directory on the uCsimm:

mount -t nfs /usr (changing the IP and
path as necessary).

If you have built your new image with 'test' in romdisk/bin, you can now
flash it to the uCsimm:

flashloader /usr/image.bin

Hope that helps.

-Chris Peterson
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