RE: [uCsimm] Software Install Problem

From: Jerry Waugh (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 15:04:09 EDT

Maybe, I am talking to myself, is anyone there?
Anyway I think I got through the first step.
So apparently "rpm -e genromfs" did the job!
I just finished the 'make' part of the install with the result that the
systems SAYS "Done installing RPMS".
At, least that sounds good?

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> I found a file in /bin named genromfs
> I just did an "rpm -e genromfs" and there was no response (acted like it
> did the command)
> Then I entered "rpm -e genromfs" and it said that "genromfs was not
> installed"
> I guess that did it.
> I'll try to install uClinix again.
> The big problem I had last time was that if it doesn't install the first
> time, It won't even begin the next time, because it says the first file is
> installed and quits! I had to delete all the previous install, still would
> not install, So I re-installed rh 6.0...
> This is beginning to look like "Windoze".
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