[uCsimm] LCD question and update

From: Carl W. Price (carl_price@agilent.com)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 11:24:49 EDT

Hi all,

  Well I got the LCD working in both a splash screen and the ability to
display 1-bit and 2-bit images. The display I am using is the Seiko
Instruments G325E that came in their G325E Evaluation Kit. This is
a 320x240 chip on glass LCD module. Very nice in most regards, with
only a few oddities. The biggest oddity was the VLCD signal (High
voltage bias) is also used to control contrast (no Vo signal). Once
I figured this out, the display works as advertised. Below is the
section out of my ucsimm-head.S file that produces the splash screen.

  movel #splash_bits, LSSA_ADDR /* LCD starting address. */
  moveb #0x14, LVPW_ADDR /* LCD Virtual Page Width Register. */
  movew #0x140, LXMAX_ADDR /* LCD Screen Width Register. */
  movew #0xef, LYMAX_ADDR /* LCD Screen Height Register. */
  moveb #0x04, LRRA_ADDR /* LCD refresh rate. */
  moveb #0x02, LPXCD_ADDR /* LCD Pixel Clock Divider Register. */
  moveb #0x08, LPICF_ADDR /* LCD Panel Interface Config Register.
  moveb #0x00, LPOLCF_ADDR /* LCD Polarity Configuration Register.
  moveb #0x00, LPOSR_ADDR /* LCD position shift left register. */
  moveb #0x00, LACD_ADDR
  moveb #0x82, LCKCON_ADDR /* LCD Clocking Control Register. */
  movew #0xff00, PCPDEN_ADDR /* LCD pins Port C Pull-Down enb. reg

Now for my question. I am trying to compile a program to display a
320x240 image on the display. I have created the image, converted to a
char array, and am trying to compile. I get the linking error below,

/opt/uClinux/m68k-pic-coff/bin/gld: region a5world is full (LCD section

does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it?

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