[uCsimm] Re: [UCLINUX] Development of Dragonball - Coldfire board for ucLinux

From: Greg Ungerer (gerg@moreton.com.au)
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 19:18:16 EDT

Hi Tom,

Thomas Winterhalder wrote:
> I want to develope a microcontroller board based on Dragonball or
> Coldfire to run ucLinux and networking software.
> Two questions:
> If I use Coldfire it is easy to debug with the BDM interface, but:
> - Is it possible to initialize the processor and the DRAM, get
> some programm code into the RAM and run it, by the BDM interface?
> There will be no preprogrammt ROM or Flash memory.
> Operation like in bootstrap mode of the Dragonball.

Yes, this is easy to do on the ColdFire. I load full uClinux kernel +
file-system images through gdb and the BDM. No FLASH or ROM boot
needed. Gdb/BDM can be used to fully initialize the ColdFire and
to initialize SDRAM/DRAM. (Though you will need a code snippet to
initialize SDRAM if your hardware uses that).


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