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From: Alex Perry (
Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 14:06:46 EDT

From: David Siebert
> When a company produces an excellent closed product that
> works well for a good price they deserve our business.

Well stated.

From: David Siebert
> RT-Control does provide the schematic
> so you can learn from their product.
> I would say that the uCsimm is more open than
> most hardware out there.
From: Stu
> I'll tell you what. Go out and design a microcomputer.
> Pour over $100,000
> that you don't have, and have to borrow, into it.

There is no point telling people that there is a lot of effort
and cost in designing a board such as this. Either they already
know that (and are keeping quiet) or they won't believe you.

If the only board you've ever designed was less than a dozen
components, probably DIP and less than 44 pins, you will have
no idea how complexity scales for boards such as the UCSIMM.
Your limited experience will tell you that RTC sketched up
the board layout one weekend, fabbed it the following week,
soldered the parts on over the next weekend and are now
selling their little toy for huge amounts of money.

You just have to wait for people to gain that experience.

From: On Behalf Of Keith R. Baker
> I guess I'm outa here [...] Fuck that...
From: David Siebert
> As the "gentleman" with the colorful language
> that is "out of here" goodbye.

I doubt we will be that lucky. When he finds out
how much hassle is involved in fine-pitch layout
for high speed, he'll be back. Sigh.

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