Re: [uCsimm] big hit at FOSE, Wash., DC

From: Embedded Microcontroller Linux Project (
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 13:53:59 EDT

Great stuff Bill!

If you need any brochures etc. I can send them down to you for
future events. A few people have borrowed our plexi-glass
stand for LUG presentations and for commercial demos as

Thanks again.


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> fyi: > > - took my uCsimm (mounted inside a plexiglass box) to the FOSE > Convention at Washington, DC this past week > > - it was a *big* hit! i only wish i had photocopied some brochures, > 'cause nearly everyone who stopped by was freaked out by the > 'coolness' factor, and wanted to know more > > - used a hacked index.html page w/the LUG's logo ( > > - eyebrows also went up when i telnetted into the simm... > > one guy was interested in uCsimm as an inexpensive way to introduce > computers, programming, http design for the Boys and Girls Club in > the District... > > regards, > > bball > > > This message resent by the list server >

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