Re: [uCsimm] LCD Framebuffer

From: Carl W. Price (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 11:17:51 EDT

Tom Walsh wrote:
> "Carl W. Price" wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Well, I am starting to get things going, and want to
> > attach an LCD panel to the board. How do I get info
> > to go to the LCD on boot? Are there any example
> > programs, or HOWTO on the frame buffer.
> >
> > Finally, is there an archive of this list that
> > I can search before asking.
> >
> > --Carl
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> You cannot send the boot text messages (or any other for that matter)
> to the LCD. The frame buffer is a direct access mechanism to the
> video device, in our case it is a graphical LCD. You would need to
> write a terminal emulator, or adapt one, that would emulate a VT100
> (or such), then you would have to write your own putch() routines to
> "spit" dots onto the LCD so they form up as text charactors. This is
> entirely possible to do, there is plenty of source for the VT100
> emulator (I have seen this on the old BBSs'), although ... you would
> be better off grabbing some of the code from Micro-X, or such, and
> adapting the graphical routines to meet your needs...
> TomW


  Thanks for the info. Not putting text to the display really isn't
that much of a drawback. What I really want is some info on how to
set the display up, and send bits to it. A HOWTO or sample code would
be great. I have a number of LCD displays I want to try and bring up,
some 160x160 others 1/4 VGA. Currently, I don't care much about
text, but putting a picture of TUX on the display would be great.


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