[uCsimm] lissa on epson lcd: succes!

From: Filip Peters (filip.peters@metris.be)
Date: Mon Apr 17 2000 - 11:29:31 EDT

If anybody is interested, I hacked the lissa code from the pilot archive to work
on the Epson 640x480 lcd. It works quite nicely, altough the lcd isn't very
suitable for fast moving things.

It didn't require much work, I just removed the framebuffer code, callocated a
block memory for the display, and set LSSA to the start of this block (so I
could restore the original display after runnung the code).
I have looked at the code for the framebuffer in the kernel, but this is only
usefull for compatibility. It's quite easy to make it work for the 640x480
display, but the only thing you can do with it is ask a pointer to the screen
and the screen size. If you want to do double buffering, you need to do it
yourself. I'm probably going to try the framebuffer when I recompile the kernel.
(although I want to wait for the pre5 kernel ;)

The only problem I had was sin and cos: whenever I tried to link with the
libmf.a (-lm or -lmf ), the compiler (linker) would complain about sin and cos
(something with DISP16 in it, I'm now at a different computer). I ended up
recompiling the libm, and linking directly with sinh.o and constf.o ...
If anybody has some code examples (makefile) that show how to use the libm.a, I
would appreciate it...

Filip Peters.

Ir. Filip Peters

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