Re: [uCsimm] [UCLINUX]: User Space Application

From: Bernhard Kuhn (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 16:11:14 EDT

Stephen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've got the ucsimm and started to work. It seems that it will consume
> all the spare time in the coming months.
> To be familiar with uclinux programming, my first goal is to port
> Bernhard Kuhn's uCgames which now runs on Xcopilot to the Real ucsimm.
> Could anyone suggest me the right way and right utility to do so?

AFAIK, the frambuffer-device also exists for ucsimm. If your
display has an equal or bigger size than that of the palmpilot, then
the uCgames should rather run out of the box since width/hight
for the "pseudo-GUI-TK" are determined with ictl() ...

There might be just one problem: you very likely canīt apply
the patch to the source-tree (for example /opt/uClinux/src),
since the difference to pilot-user-170199 are very likely to big.

So perform the following steps:

1. Unpack a clean copy of pilot-user-170199.tar.gz (found on uclinux-ftp)
2. apply the patch: cd pilot; patch -p1 < $path_to_patch/uCgames.patch

Move the appropriate files to the uClinux src-tree and try to recompile ...

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