[uCsimm] Re: [gnucsimm] ATA drive interface

From: Greg Ungerer (gerg@moreton.com.au)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 21:50:39 EDT

Hi Tom,

Tom Walsh wrote:
> I am planning on implementing an interface to an ATA Hard Drive in
> uClinux. What I would like to know is this, where can I get some more
> detailed info on the timings of the interface, and, do I need to
> implement a "true" DMA archetecture or can I use the DMA REQUEST, DMA
> GRANT, & IORDY to co-ordinate the transfers? Or, is the timing of the
> interface / protocol such that I may risk timing the data transfer out
> if I run an interrupt driven approach to servicing the DMA REQUEST
> line?

You can implement IDE without DMA - if you want. We implemented an
interrupt driven approach on our ColdFire designs and they work fine.

There is IDE timing specs scattered around the web (I don't have
any references handy), but we relied more on AT bus timing than
anything to get it right...


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