[uCsimm] Source for the 30 pin SIMM sockets

From: Timothy D. Dunn (tdunn01@home.com)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 17:14:12 EDT

Greetings group,
        I remember there was some hub-bub a while back about the availability of the 30 pin SIMM sockets used by the ucsimm. I have just seen an add for a single as well as dual sockets for 30 pin simms for like 20 cents each. MCM electronics is the mail order place. These can be ordered over the internet at www.mcmelectronics.com. (use order # 58-1985 for the single, and # 58-1980 for the dual. The flyer had source code AC0300, but you probably won't need that if you go on-line)
        Of course everyone gets fliers from these guys all the time, so you all already knew that right?

All that remains now is to find enough other stuff to buy to make the shipping worthwhile. :)

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