RE: [uCsimm] Perl for uClinux?

From: Micah Dowty (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 20:05:26 EDT

Well, I would probably count as one of those rabid perl enthusiasts (i
even use perl for image processing!) but I agree it is way too big for a
little ucSimm. I have started a port of nwsh, which is much smaller than
bash although not as full featured. It does do things that one would
expects from a shell like pipes and redirection though. It can be
downloaded at:

BTW, i don't think the #! lines work right in uclinux. Is this purely a
shell thing or does it have to be registered as a 'binary format' in the

> > Forget Perl!
> >
> > Python is the answer for interpreted languages. There is a version that
> > doesn't use the stack, although I haven't tried it.
> >
> > I've written code since the early 1960s in just about every language
> > invented. Python is by far the cleanest and most consistent language of
> > all. It's very easy to learn the basics, but like C there are tons of
> > library functions that one must learn about to write high level programs
> > without re-inventing the wheel.
> >
> > Sorry all you Perl fans, but compared to Python, Perl is a cluttered mess.
> I've read a lot of PERL source. I can't say I like it either. There is a
> reason why the Debian PERL package describes it as the "Peculiar Eclectic
> Rubbish Lister." Too damn many wierd operators - I know lots of programming
> languages, and when I come across a new one, it's usually easy to
> understand, because once you know 5 or 6 it's all just pseudocode. PERL
> isn't as much like that as other languages - sometimes I find myself going
> "huh?" when I read through a script.
> You want my recommendation for a good scripting language? Port bash or some
> other real shell. You already need a shell anyway, and one that does
> Bourne-compatible scripting isn't a bad start at all, especially in a system
> where tight integration of utilities (to conserve space) is a huge
> consideration.
> (waiting for 5,000 flames from rabid PERL enthusiasts)
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