RE: [uCsimm] Perl for uClinux?

From: Stu (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 14:02:25 EDT

> Rodney,
> > Is there a version of Perl or support for running Perl apps
> under uClinux?
> > Also what languages have been ported to uClinux?
> No. Not unless you can manage to fit it in 32k. And something tells me
> that's not going to happen.

32K is no longer a limitation. Some list members released 32-bit patches a
while ago. I don't know that this body of work is complete, but as far as I
know, it does work well enough.

> uClinux is for embedded applications. Perl is not for embedded
> applications.

Ehhhhh..... well, that may be a hard generalization to prove. Like I said in
another post, PERL isn't really an intrinsically good match for a uCsimm,
but there is a company out there that uses a 90MHz ColdFire processor with
uClinux as the OS (they make a small router); PERL might be an excellent
tool for something like that.

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