RE: [uCsimm] Perl for uClinux?

From: Stu (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 13:45:14 EDT

> Hi all
> Is there a version of Perl or support for running Perl apps under uClinux?
> Also what languages have been ported to uClinux?
> Thanks
> Rodney Arne Karlsen

GNU C and C++ compilers are known to work under uClinux. I don't think
anyone has ported PERL. Interpretive languages are probably not terribly
practical, due to the large size of their distributions and their slowness
of execution, on the uCsimm. On faster uClinux-compatible platforms,
however, they might be more feasible - 8MB RAM (and a max of 1 or 2MB ROM)
combined with a <20MHz processor make the uCsimm an unlikely candidate.
(Unless you want to write a PERL interpreter in assembly. Hey, it worked for

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