Re: [UCLINUX] [uCsimm] uClinux- hits the wire...

From: Xavier DEBREUIL (
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 08:24:39 EDT

Donald J Dionne wrote:
> Hi all.
> After far too long, uClinux- is available for testing.
> ------------- This is a snapshot, not a release candidate!!!!

Just a question upon the version : you say that it is the 2.0.38 kernel ;
correct me if I am wrong :
        you take the 2.0.38 kernel
        you apply the 2.0.38 arm patch (Russel King's one) (if correct, were did you
get it ?)
        you apply the 2.0.38 uc patch

> It is known to build correctly for uCsimm and XCoPilot. In addition the
> following has been merged since and in various states of disrepair...
> m68k targets
> m68k targets now share a tree with ColdFire.
> The concept of Board Support Packages is slowly comming together.
> MC68EN302 forward ported from Vadim's work for Aplio on 2.0.33.
> and is known to compile but not link. Changes to IRQ handling
> and BSP directory tree structure are only partially delt with.
> XCoPilot should work out of the box
> Support for uCsimm v3.2
> ColdFire targets
> Most of the ColdFire patch has been accepted as is.
> Refer to Greg's docs for details. Noteable exceptions...
> Changes to binfmt_flat.c cause problems with relocation and XIP.
> Changes to blkmem are too platform specific.
> Some changes in arch_setup() need to be moved to config_BSP()
> i960 targets
> Forward ported from 2.0.33. Has not been compiled, but should be
> complete. Not yet changed to support BSPs
> ARM7TDMI targets
> Merged from Vadim's work for Aplio. Has not been compiled.
> There is a lot of code here, and most of it is for non uClinux
> platforms. Thus, this is a huge patch. I'll take an axe to it
> in the next few days and build it for the Atmel AT91 EVB and reorg
> for BSPs.
> ToDo for uClinux- final:
> o ARM7TDMI needs to be cleaned up and tested
> Remove ARM targets we don't support. Russell King's stuff runs on a huge
> selection of machines.... Right now we run on Atmel/Aplio Trio and soon
> AT91M40400.
> o NMT RTLinux 0.9j for m68k targets
> Has a timer bug stopping it from being really practical (+-300uS errors)...
> mail me or for scope traces if you want to hack on it.
> o Axis ETRAX support
> o m68k fast checksum support
> o uCsimm RAM loaded kernel
> o Choose and merge one of the many FLASH file system implementations
> Happy hacking,
> D. Jeff Dionne
> Maintainer uClinux
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