RE: [uCsimm] ucsimm updates

From: Stu (
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 17:08:32 EDT

> I finally figured out why when you cd to /dev and do a 'pwd' on a
> ucsimm it gives a line of './.././.././..'... It's a bug in the
> genromfs supplied on the uClinux CD.
> Is anybody keeping track of all these changes and putting together
> a new distribution?
> I've seen lots of stuff come by, but I haven't had time to make sure
> they all work. The RTLinux people should be doing this, but they seem
> to be dropping the ball.
> Is anybody else publishing their own updated (working) distribution?

I pick up whatever comes by the mailing list and update the uClinux archive
with it. When the archive goes public (nudge nudge, RT-Control guys), all of
this stuff will be available. I also plan to make full distributions

Donald is working on getting PHP3 and MySQL built into the uClinux web
server. When he's done with that, the archive should be ready to go. I don't
know when he'll be done. The software BEHIND that archive (i.e. the database
and web front-end) may be GPLd at some point.

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