[uCsimm] genromfs patches

From: profesor@sidehack.sat.gweep.net
Date: Sun Apr 02 2000 - 13:16:00 EDT

I finally figured out why when you cd to /dev and do a 'pwd' on a ucsimm
it gives a line of './.././.././..'... It's a bug in the genromfs
supplied on the uClinux CD. The image file that got generated was incorrect
when it built a directory that used the @<name> symbolic link stuff added
by the uClinux team.

(I discovered this when trying to figure out why I couldn't build images
after upgrading to RedHat 6.1 - it "upgraded" my genromfs for me & removed
the uClinux patched version)

I also added a '-x' option that allows you to exclude files that match a
pattern - I use it to exclude all my CVS directories and any file that ends
in a '~'.

Patches are on my web site. This is a patch from the original genromfs-0.3


And this is a patch from the uClinux modified sources and my version:



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