Re: [uCsimm] how to make ucsimm LCD working

From: David Williams (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 00:32:50 EST

Make sure that you have enabled pins on parrallel port C (0xFFFFF413 =
0x00). This is set to 0xFF after reset which disables their function!


iMax Tech Engineering wrote:

> I connect my LCD to ucsimm module, I have set up the ucsimm
> module to refresh the LCD display at bootup, but theLCD can not
> work. My LCD screen size: 480(width) * 64(high) 68kez328 LCD
> contrller register config be set up such as: setenv >fffffa00
> 00020400 setenv >fffffa05 1d setenv >fffffa08 01df
> setenv >fffffa0a 0040 setenv >fffffa29 00 setenv
> >fffffa25 00 setenv >fffffa20 00 setenv >fffffa21 00
> setenv >fffffa27 81 setenv >fffff412 ff00 setenv
> ENVMM auto Config can be setup succes,but the LCD can not
> display. Can you tell me how to make my LCD working. thank
> you. QB

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