Re: [uCsimm] Design fault with uCsimm.

From: Erwin Authried (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 14:56:04 EST

Jesus, you must have plugged in your uCsimm terribly often :-)
The fact that the socket connectors go to far up have caused
contact problems on my uCsimm. I have reported this some time ago.
In my case, the Ethernet connection didn't work. I have to plug in
the uCsimm so that it isn't inserted fully into the socket. To make
this possible, I have snipped away a little bit of those little plastic
fingers on the socket.


Oguzhan Eris[] wrote:
> Well after many hours of debugging with code, finally figured out that
> there existed a problem with my uCsimm + uCgardener.
> Pins 18 and 19 on the uCsimm were shorted everytime I inserted the uCsimm
> to the gardener board. Turns out that the simm socket on the gardener is
> really not meant for the pin size on the uCsimm. The socket connectors go
> too far up onto the uCsimm pins and have cut through the pcb trace. Pins
> 18's trace crosses right over pin 19 and the simm socket has managed to
> cut through it. Although the trace has not been cutoff (thank god) this
> short problem might happen to many other people who have to remove the
> simm card often. The simm socket has actually cut over many other traces
> cutting off the insulation in many of them, but all other pins have their
> own traces directly over them and thus they end up shorting themselvs.
> Pins 16 and 17 can also have similar problems but this has not happened
> yet.
> I'm almost done with my school project that involves the uCsimm and
> would hate to lose it.
> Can the rt-control people make sure that this isn't a big issue for other
> people also. (i.e. make sure the simm sockets do not cut through pcb
> traces in any following designs, and I would suggest a new simm socket
> altogether) Can anyone recommend any??
> I have to get a real old PC and take it apart in the meantime I guess.
> P.S. I missed the first uCsimm run, but someone on this message board has
> very graciously sold me theirs which they hadn't opened.
> Thank you.
> Oguzhan Eris
> The Cooper Union
> 4EE
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