[uCsimm] Design fault with uCsimm.

From: Oguzhan Eris (eris@cooper.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 13:19:12 EST

Well after many hours of debugging with code, finally figured out that
there existed a problem with my uCsimm + uCgardener.

Pins 18 and 19 on the uCsimm were shorted everytime I inserted the uCsimm
to the gardener board. Turns out that the simm socket on the gardener is
really not meant for the pin size on the uCsimm. The socket connectors go
too far up onto the uCsimm pins and have cut through the pcb trace. Pins
18's trace crosses right over pin 19 and the simm socket has managed to
cut through it. Although the trace has not been cutoff (thank god) this
short problem might happen to many other people who have to remove the
simm card often. The simm socket has actually cut over many other traces
cutting off the insulation in many of them, but all other pins have their
own traces directly over them and thus they end up shorting themselvs.
Pins 16 and 17 can also have similar problems but this has not happened

I'm almost done with my school project that involves the uCsimm and
would hate to lose it.

Can the rt-control people make sure that this isn't a big issue for other
people also. (i.e. make sure the simm sockets do not cut through pcb
traces in any following designs, and I would suggest a new simm socket
altogether) Can anyone recommend any??

I have to get a real old PC and take it apart in the meantime I guess.

P.S. I missed the first uCsimm run, but someone on this message board has
very graciously sold me theirs which they hadn't opened.

Thank you.

Oguzhan Eris
The Cooper Union

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