Re: [uCsimm] Re: Power supply blues

From: Uwe Hahn (
Date: Thu Mar 30 2000 - 11:50:06 EST

On Thu, 30 Mar 2000, Robert Poor wrote:

> Uwe/Mitch:
> Just to clarify one point: Mitch is using switching regulators;
> the TI part is a linear regulator. Since efficiency is the issue,
> a linear regulator probably isn't the way to go.
> I've not worked with the MAX717 or 722, but with all switchers,
> you have to pay close attention to the choice of capacitors (low
> ESR), MOSFET, and circuit layout.

Right. I know about the difference in design and power
consumption, I myself am working on a battery-powered design
which is supposed to be compact.

The low-dropout design of the serial regulator I was
referring to makes it a good alternative to the MAX parts.
And they are _so_ easy to handle...

Just my idea, but of course, if power consumption is the
primary issue, you will not get around switching supplies
and the somewhat tedious external component selection, I
suppose. Thank you for the note, Robert.



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