[uCsimm] Assembler oddities

From: Tom Walsh (tom@cyberiansoftware.com)
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 12:58:17 EST


    This one has me stumped, this is probably very easy to do as I have
little experience with 68K assembler & gcc! This is an example of the

------------------- begin test.S ----------------------------
     moveb #(4 | 1), %d0
     moveb #(4 & 1), %d0
     moveb #(4 ^ 1), %d0
     moveb #(4 ! 1), %d0

------------------- snip ----------------------------------

I assemble it with 'm68k-coff-as test.S -o test.o' and I get the
following error:
test.S: Assembler messages:
test.S:2: Error: Missing ) -- statement `moveb #(4' ignored'

It is totally wierd that the only infix operator that fails is the
Bitwise OR, commenting the line out that uses the infix OR and it
assembles just fine. I am currently compiling the uClinux kernel fine,
I have another project written under COFF that also assembles / compiles
/ runs fine. What is odd is that the crt0_rom.S file contained in the
kernel sources makes many such OR references and the kernel compiles are

Any clues gratefully accepted!


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