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Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 06:06:32 EST

Hi, Sebastian

>> If situation is like this, we must develope one Flash FS per one flash
>> vendor.
>> (Maybe AMD,Samsung or ST has a solution like intel)
>Maybe you could ask the vendors if they would like to make their system
>free for GPL use?
Well,, they might want limited usage (only with intel flash). Their tool
says like this (at
Intel VSB Flash Media File Manager (IVFM). Uses Virtual Small Blocks for
sector type data storage on the Flash Media. For use with cards
 or components in a RFA/RFD.

      Robust power-off recovery and media clean-up
      Component based architecture (e.g. uses a spare block per component)
      Primarily for embedded flash components (i.e. Resident Flash Array)
      IVFM can work AS the file manager or with an existing one
      Intel developed code translates sector calls to the linear Flash
      Small code size (approx. 16K of code and 2-8K RAM)
      Has High Performance edit capability
      Source code license is Royalty-free and gives derivative rights when
used with Intel Flash

      Makes virtual small blocks (sectors) in flash's larger erase blocks

 For source code, please contact your Intel Field Representative, or send an
email to "" requesting the source. Please
 include as many details about the target application, such as product name
and function, target processor, target flash, etc.
(Does anybody knows how could we get GPL from the above rule?)

>What's the patent on FTL anyway?
I did not read m-systems's patent, just read comment on mtd mailing list
about FTL patent. And i could not find clear answer yet on this mailing
list archive. Maybe somebody already has answers about this, then
please let me know.


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