RE:[uCsimm] uClinux- hits the wire...

From: 권석근 (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 23:07:52 EST

Hi, Jeff Dionne

> deleted
>ToDo for uClinux- final:
> deleted..
>o Choose and merge one of the many FLASH file system implementations

I have a question about Flash File System for uClinux.
I've heard that FLT code was patened by M-systems and was granted to
only PCMCIA memory card for free use. Then maybe we couldn't go
with FTL code on uClinux. Does any free solution exist for Flash FS other
than FTL?
Today i've found that another flash driver at the intel's flash develper
and it's free if it is implemented on intel flash.
If situation is like this, we must develope one Flash FS per one flash
(Maybe AMD,Samsung or ST has a solution like intel)

How do you think about this? and Does anybody has another idea?

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