[uCsimm] uClinux- hits the wire...

From: Donald J Dionne (jdionne@ns1.rt-control.com)
Date: Sun Mar 19 2000 - 19:28:09 EST

Hi all.

After far too long, uClinux- is available for testing.

------------- This is a snapshot, not a release candidate!!!!

It is known to build correctly for uCsimm and XCoPilot. In addition the
following has been merged since and in various states of disrepair...

m68k targets
        m68k targets now share a tree with ColdFire.
        The concept of Board Support Packages is slowly comming together.
        MC68EN302 forward ported from Vadim's work for Aplio on 2.0.33.
          and is known to compile but not link. Changes to IRQ handling
          and BSP directory tree structure are only partially delt with.
        XCoPilot should work out of the box
        Support for uCsimm v3.2

ColdFire targets
        Most of the ColdFire patch has been accepted as is.
        Refer to Greg's docs for details. Noteable exceptions...

        Changes to binfmt_flat.c cause problems with relocation and XIP.
        Changes to blkmem are too platform specific.
        Some changes in arch_setup() need to be moved to config_BSP()

i960 targets
        Forward ported from 2.0.33. Has not been compiled, but should be
        complete. Not yet changed to support BSPs

ARM7TDMI targets
        Merged from Vadim's work for Aplio. Has not been compiled.
        There is a lot of code here, and most of it is for non uClinux
        platforms. Thus, this is a huge patch. I'll take an axe to it
        in the next few days and build it for the Atmel AT91 EVB and reorg
        for BSPs.

ToDo for uClinux- final:

o ARM7TDMI needs to be cleaned up and tested
  Remove ARM targets we don't support. Russell King's stuff runs on a huge
  selection of machines.... Right now we run on Atmel/Aplio Trio and soon
o NMT RTLinux 0.9j for m68k targets
  Has a timer bug stopping it from being really practical (+-300uS errors)...
  mail me or mdurrant@uclinux.org for scope traces if you want to hack on it.
o Axis ETRAX support
o m68k fast checksum support
o uCsimm RAM loaded kernel
o Choose and merge one of the many FLASH file system implementations

Happy hacking,
D. Jeff Dionne

  Maintainer uClinux

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