[uCsimm] Linux on a chip?

From: Ian Munro (i.munro@herts.ac.uk)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 06:17:47 EST

Anyone heard about this?

SAN JOSE, CA, 18th February 2000.... Atmel Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML) in
partnership with Aplio Inc. today announced the launch of its AT75C310 Smart
Internet Appliance Processor IC. The AT75C310, featuring an Embedded Linux
operating system, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and Audio application
software, together with an application development platform, provides a
total system solution empowering manufacturers to launch Internet Phones,
E-mail and MP3 Appliances at low cost with a short time to market. The
AT75C310 reduces development risk, based on a proven and scalable
technology. The VoIP application software delivers true telephone sound
quality featuring PacketPlusTM Technology. The AT75C310 is the first in a
family of Atmel products for Internet-enabled voice and multimedia
applications. These products are aimed at the corporate and individual end
user markets. They strengthen Atmelís position as a supplier of single-chip
solutions in the fast-growing market for Internet and other digital
communications appliances.

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