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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 18:40:32 EST

Micah Dowty[] wrote:

Another question I had was about reset logic- I've been using an RC
circuit to provide the reset signal. What is the reason to use a more
complicated reset circuit?

In a lab setting the RC network works great. However, under realworld FCC testing there is a lot of RF noise that the circuitry gets exposed to. This can cause reset problems if the resistor is somewhat large, or the parts are near the connector where RF can be induced into them. I used to design in the American Automotive industry, and there is a pretty stiff requirement for RF immunity. (more difficult than FCC or some European standards) We always used Siemens (now Infineon) LDO regulators because of their exceptional noise immunity, and the fact that the come with a reset controller built in (also with exceptional noise immunity). Some of the new hires from competitors didn't understand how we could make a system that didn't exhibit a running reset condition. Since the Infineon regulators were so stable, we never had a problem with resetting.

Since my current job is as an Applications Engineer for Infineon that makes this post a plug.

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