RE: [uCsimm] date and cal commands (repost)

From: Stu (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 14:23:10 EST

> (didn't see this appear on the list, so i'm reposting; sorry if i offend)
> after building and configuring uCsimm and installing uClinux, i've had a
> chance to play with the OS and apps...
> two immediate holes i saw were a utility for setting the date and time,
> along with a small cal client...
> so... i hacked up an improved date command to interactively set the date
> and time (or display the date and time), along with a small cal client to
> display a default month's calendar, or any month's calendar up to the year
> 32767...
> anyone interested in these?
> and where should i submit/store them? (i know some people get really upset
> about posting source on mailing lists, even if the apps are only 100 lines
> or so)...
> is there a central repository where people can submit tiny apps for
> uClinux?
> p.s. love that little uCsimm! it's awesome!

Send apps, tiny or otherwise, to, user doc (sorry to convolute
the e-mail address but I don't know if there are any spambots lurking
here)... I am running a small repository that will be public soon.

You can also subscribe to uclinux-dev and post source to that list, where it
is very welcome.

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