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From: Geoffrey Wossum (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 13:22:18 EST

> Another suggestion: use a charge pump to generate the +/- 5v. You
> probably have a Maxim MAX232 for your serial connection anyway, right?
> It has *two* buffers - use one for serial, the other for the LCD.

MAX232 gives +/- 10V outputs in my experience. Probably less on 3.3V
supply, if it would even run on 3.3 for you. You could regulate the
output down to 5V I suppose.

Big problem is I don't think MAX232 (or anything else in the family) would
let you draw much current off of it. They're rated for around 850mW of
power dissipation, which is 170mA @ 5V. Don't know if that's enough for
an LCD. Or if it's a good idea to be pulling current off of it.

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