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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 07:54:52 EST

> I have a rule when I design a PCB, one 0.1 ceramic cap per device. I can always take
> them off later, the board at exhibits 20mv of noise on the 3.3v
> supply. After being bitten by the noise bug a number of times I find it hard NOT to
> get excessive with ceramic & tantalum caps (tants should be 1..5uf is fine).

I had one .1uf capacitor per device, but the flash memory has 3 power
supply inputs, a main power supply, a programming voltage supply, and
another one it uses to drive outputs. I only had the main power supply
Another question I had was about reset logic- I've been using an RC
circuit to provide the reset signal. What is the reason to use a more
complicated reset circuit?

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