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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 05:17:53 EST

On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Stu wrote:

> > > 2. Have you looked at the Open hardware project?
> > >
> >
> > I hadn't seen that before, but it does look interesting. Bringing the
> > hardware out into the open would probably be the best way to make sure it
> > is optimally efficient and as inexpensive as possible. I will look in to
> > this.
> Charlatains, IMHO. They came on the list and whined about how the uCsimm was
> not "open hardware." Then they went off on their own to start
> One of them requires you to agree to some complex
> licensing agreement which is definitely not anything like the GPL. Then you
> can't directly download his stuff, you have to fill in your e-mail address
> and he sends it to you. And the other calls his product the "GNUCSimm,"
> which is borderline copyright infringement. (RT-Control came up with the
> name uCsimm, why can't they think of their own? There is too much
> possibility to confuse the products or imagine some sort of collaboration
> which does not exist.)
> I WILL give them credit for some innovative thinking and design work, but I
> would be most cautious in dealing with these two.

IMHO, repeat IMHO!, the Open Hardware Project it's great, and the gnucsimm
it is only one of the Open Hardware Projects. Try the keyword Free
Hardware at any search engine.
Besides, I am waiting the ucsimm from nov99. I have written mails to
RT-Control but nobody responds me.


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