Re: [uCsimm] IRQ6 on uCsimm

From: Geoffrey Wossum (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 04:09:53 EST

Stu (and Vladimir),

> Send some snippets of the stack traces etc. to the list.
> I don't suppose Kwonsk's gdb works with g++ yet, does it? If it does,
> single-stepping through the code is usually a bolt from the blue.

We got it working now.

First, we needed to use request_irq() for 19. Thanks Vladimir.

Second, the reason it was blowing up with continuous stack traces is that
ICR_ADDR was erroneous in MC68EZ328.h. First, it's mispelled as ICR_ADRR
in the uClinux distro. Not a big deal. But it's defined as 0xffff302,
when it really should be 0xfffff302 (missing one of those leading 'f's).
Maybe this is fixed in new revisions, we are using from
RT-Control's September uClinux distro CD.

Once we figured that out, we almost had it. All that was left was to
realize we needed to ack the edge-triggered interrupt with ISR |=
ISR_IRQ6. And then it worked!

Our board and driver work great. Thanks for everyone's help. Now if we
could just figure out how to get C++ code to run on it... by Wednesday
1:00pm :)

Geoffrey Wossum
Project AKO -
Internet Imperialists -

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