RE: [uCsimm] IRQ6 on uCsimm

From: Stu (
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 10:59:18 EST

> Hello all,
> We've built a custom board for the uCsimm that has an I/O coprocessor that
> connects to the uCsimm on PD7/IRQ6.
> We ported our device driver the I/O coprocessor, originally for 2.2 x86 to
> the 2.0 uCsimm driver. But when ever we try to request the IRQ6, we just
> get screenfulls of stack traces.
> We're setting up the line to be rising edge triggered with IMR and ICR,
> and then using request_irq() to install the top-half ISR. It's dying
> as it's doing this according to our printk()'s.
> Questions:
> Setting up IMR and ICR is the right thing to do?
> What irq# do we pass to request_irq()? Right now we're saying 6, but we
> can't find out if this is correct.
> Any (fast) help/suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

Send some snippets of the stack traces etc. to the list.

I don't suppose Kwonsk's gdb works with g++ yet, does it? If it does,
single-stepping through the code is usually a bolt from the blue.

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