[uCsimm] IRQ6 on uCsimm

From: Geoffrey Wossum (gpw0341@omega.uta.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 12 2000 - 03:29:04 EST

Hello all,

We've built a custom board for the uCsimm that has an I/O coprocessor that
connects to the uCsimm on PD7/IRQ6.

We ported our device driver the I/O coprocessor, originally for 2.2 x86 to
the 2.0 uCsimm driver. But when ever we try to request the IRQ6, we just
get screenfulls of stack traces.

We're setting up the line to be rising edge triggered with IMR and ICR,
and then using request_irq() to install the top-half ISR. It's dying
as it's doing this according to our printk()'s.

Setting up IMR and ICR is the right thing to do?
What irq# do we pass to request_irq()? Right now we're saying 6, but we
can't find out if this is correct.

Any (fast) help/suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated!!

Geoffrey Wossum
Project AKO - http://rover1.uta.edu/~ako
Internet Imperialists - http://inetimperial.sourceforge.net
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