Re: [uCsimm] For exact date

From: Larry Doolittle (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 18:17:10 EST

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 08:07:26AM +1100, David Williams wrote:
> Yes CLK32 is indeed 32.768KHz. CLK32 is just an abreviation of this.
> If the manual says anywhere that it is 32.000KHz then this is a mistake.

It is whatever the crystal is. You can buy both 32.768 and 32.000 kHz
crystals, and the DragonBall can't tell the difference. Of course,
whichever crystal you buy has about a 100 ppm error budget (initial set,
temperature coefficient, aging).

Real Linux kernels can phase slip their internal UTC clock to the
external timebase at an arbitrary rate, settable to a fraction of a ppm.
I hope RTLinux can do that too.

     - Larry Doolittle <>
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