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From: David Williams (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 16:07:26 EST

Yes CLK32 is indeed 32.768KHz. CLK32 is just an abreviation of this. If the manual
says anywhere that it is 32.000KHz then this is a mistake. On what authority do I say
this. Mine and mine only from my experience and extensive reading of the manual. My
system uses the timer to produce subseconds. I syncronise the timer to the RTC second
rollover so that I can read the RTC and timer to get a complete time snapshot with a
range of years down to a resolution of subseconds (in my case I set the prescaler to
1 which gives time to 30.5uS!) One advantage of using the CLK32 as the source for the
timer is that it will continue to operate even when in low power. This is crucial for
my system (battery operated!). Using the CLK32 as the source guarantees the best
accuracy as this is the source of all clocks and divides evenly into a second.


"권석근" wrote:

> Hi, Vladimir
> And another reason for my assumption aoubt CLK32 = 32.768KHz
> In PLL Block Diagram (fig. 5-1 again)
> VCO = PLL multiplier (506) * 32.768KHz = 16.580608MHz.
> This calulation result (at the page 5-2) means CLK32=32.768KHz
> Thanks.
> kwonsk.
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