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Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 03:32:39 EST

Hi Luc,

Frank example is composed of an application and a module.
It has been made to test communication between realtime tasks
and a background task through a fifo system.
The tasks print a message on their own fifo and the background task
prints it on the console, at every second, if a message arrive in this
second into one of the fifos.

An other fifo is used to control the task state,
it is the handler fifo.
With this one, the background task controls the realtime tasks:
It starts them and stop them when application is finished.

You will find the background task in Frank_app,
and the realtime tasks & the handler are described in
Frank_module, which initializes the tasks, fifos...

If you want to try it, you must put it in the RTL makefile,
to compile it in rtl_app.o, line O_OBJS.

You will find this example in Kwonsk's NMT RTLinux patch for
uClinux at

I have found it in the Release 9G too but it's not adapted for uClinux

Thanks for your interest in RTLinux,


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> Hi,
> Excuse me for this stupid question, but what is Frank example ?
> Where did it come from ?
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