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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 11:13:16 EST

Thanks Tom for the correct interpretation of my sentence!

In regards to the term Industrial Grade, it was intended to be of an Industrial strength or features. I, by no means, intended it to be interpreted as having full Industrial temperature rating. However, why I say Industrial Strength (grade, type, etc) is:

    1. It is not a commercial unit. The components used are of higher strength, durability, and/or greater temperature ranges (High quality, high insertion cycle connectors, etc). The components selected are not necessarily based upon the least expensive part for the job (i.e. lowest production cost was not my greatest concern... high reliability, ease and bullet-proof of installation, etc are my issues)

    2. Since this device is to be used in a electrical "dirty" environment, the Vin section has additional protection circuitry to minimize problems. The exact environment is a large(36 floor) commercial office tower. This electrical "dirty" environment can (and usually does) carry over to the input section, the opto-inputs use a current-loop interface to minimize the effects of induced by this noise, etc. Hence, I can have longer cable runs, and less false alarms (none... hooray).

    3. The device was designed for a specific application and for backward compatibility (where the uCsimm is not currently used). Thus, the temperature range of the uCsimm was not an issue. The device is a slave to a Host system which controls a variety of devices within this building.
   Since I was "spinning" a PCB for this application, I thought that I could have some fun by adding the uCsimm and other interfaces so as to maximize the use of the board.

    4. As for temperature range... The device should be able to operate from -20C to +85C in its intended application (no uCsimm, etc). In the this building control application, the temperature range is really +15C to +30C approx., so even the uCsimm could be used to control this device!

    5. As for temperature test results, I have access to a temperature chamber (for free... it's nice to have friends that have nice equipment) should I feel the need to qualify the temperature extremes.

One could qualify the uCsimm for its temperature extremes, but as Sergei pointed out the '328 is only rated between 0C to +70C. Thus, trying to push those limits would not be a choice that I would make.

Anyway, I hope this clarifies my previous post and I apologize for any misinterpretations.



Sam Saprunoff

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  Sergei Sharonov wrote:
> Well, this can be endless, but I have one example which I am
> in the final
> stages of alpha-testing. I have designed an industrial grade
> Input/Output
> board that accepts the uCSimm as the primary controller.
    As far as I understand uCsimm is not specified for industrial temperature
    range. I also believe that DragonBall itself is only specified for 0-70 C.
    Not sure about other parts (memory, Ethernet, etc.) Did you qualify the
    module yourself? And if so, could you please post your test results?

    Best regards,

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  Perhaps he really meant to say was "industrial strenght"? ;^)


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